About me

I am a freelance automotive diagnostic consultant. I provide diagnostic assistance to the motor trade in my local area.

I started my apprenticeship over 40 years ago now.  For the last 30 years or so I have been involved in the diagnostic aspect, both for franchised dealerships and more recently, independent garages.

Diagnostics has been, and continues to be, my driving passion.  I have a special interest in Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) diagnostics.  Ever since my first digital scope, a Fluke 199 Scopemeter, I have been amazed by what it can reveal, “usually after a lot of analysis and interpreting or head scratching”.  It is a never-ending learning process and continues to fascinate me.

My favoured scope now is the Picoscope 4 channel 4000 series.  In my opinion it represents the very best instrument choice for the automotive diagnostic technician.  It took some time for me to “hang up” my Fluke, but I really feel the Pico is much more useful.

This site is where I would like to share some of my work.